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Regis and Kelly Show

Regis and Kelly ShowLive with Regis and Kelly is a morning talk show broadcasted on the ABC networks.

In 2001, Kelly Ripa was named the new co-host of the show and was named the permanent co-host of the show on February 5th 2001. Ever since Ripa took over as co-host Live with Regis and Kelly has enjoyed much higher ratings than ever before. Live with Regis and Kelly is produced by Michael Gelman, who is also commonly featured on the show. Both Regis and Kelly ask him random questions on a daily basis as to whether they can or cannot do certain things. The first segment of the show is known as “host chat” in which both Regis and Kelly talk about random happenings in their life, which is typically unscripted and just goes with the flow of each host. After “host chat” comes “travel trivia” in which a contestant is picked and calls in to the show and is given a chance to answer a question for a great vacation package that is picked from the spinning of the wheel by Kelly or Regis.

The rest of the show is filled with celebrity guests and interviews and sometimes a musical guest. The remaining minutes of the show are called “Regis & Kelly’s Inbox” in which they reply to an e-mail from a fan who wrote in to the Regis and Kelly Show.